Panther Concrete Restoration

Panther Concrete has seamless concrete floor solutions that make the auto industry shine from shop to showroom.

Panther Concrete provides seamless epoxy industrial floors and concrete coatings for all segments of the auto industry. Are you looking for ¼” resurfacers that stand up to the abuse of your service area or a high gloss floor finish for your showroom? Shop no further than Panther Concrete’s impact-resistant, seamless epoxy flooring and urethane floor coating systems for improved aesthetics and protection of concrete.

Seamless epoxy flooring, industrial concrete floors, and coatings for all segments of the auto industry.

Panther Concrete Restoration, Inc. provides Concrete Coatings for industrial floors, Seamless Epoxy Floor Coating solutions, Polished Concrete, and Structural Repairs for industrial, civil and commercial facilities. Est. 1993

Impact-resistant, seamless epoxy, and urethane concrete coating systems.

ESD properties will last the lifetime of your floor and are guaranteed to last five years.

Polished concrete protects and maintains a neat appearance for distribution floors.

ESD flooring for concrete will improve your product quality and reduce warranty costs.