Panther Concrete Restoration

Seamless Metallic Floors

Seamless Metallic Floors—Heaven Under Foot.

Searching for impact? Our new pearlescent metallic floor designs and color combinations create floors that shimmer, dazzle and demand attention in any space. Perfect flooring for lobbies and retail areas, we can easily incorporate your company’s colors to support its visual branding. Panther’s seamless metallic flooring make sensational backdrops for a car collections, museums and galleries.

Epoxy Mortar Resurfacers

Typically Installation

The key to all successful seamless floor installation is surface preparation. We always recommend shot blasting to clean concrete and create a profile. We then apply an epoxy primer. If moisture is an issue we use moisture mitigating primer. After the primer we apply the base color which has a huge effect on the outcome of the final color. Then the magic happens—metallic powders are mixed into clear epoxy and applied to the floor. Application method and metallic color combinations create the unique look of each floor. Lastly, a final coat of clear UV stable urethane coating is applied to ensure your floor stands up to high traffic and provides lasting beauty.
Epoxy Mortar Resurfacers