Panther Concrete Restoration

Panther – Specialists in Pressure Epoxy Injection for Permanent Concrete Crack Repairs for over 20 years.

Panther Concrete Restoration is a licensed applicator for Chemco Systems – leading manufacturer of pumps, resin, and ports for the process of pressure epoxy injection to repair cracks in concrete. Chemco Systems is the only company that provides a complete system for epoxy injection. Using the process of pressure epoxy injection, Panther can completely fill the void, created by a crack, with low viscosity epoxy resin. The epoxy resin cures into an extremely hard plastic that permanently bonds with concrete, returning the structure’s original monolithic integrity. Panther Concrete Restoration, Inc. is a long time member of the International Concrete Repair Institute. www.icri.org

The Pressure Epoxy Process

The crack repair process begins by cleaning and inspecting the crack. Then injection ports are surface-mounted approximately every 6″ over the top of the crack with an epoxy paste. The rest of the crack is sealed off with the same epoxy paste. Once the epoxy paste hardens, the injection process can begin. The epoxy resin is then injected through the ports and into the crack using the injection pump. The injection process continues until the crack is completely filled or until refusal. Once the epoxy resin hardens, the ports are removed. The pressure epoxy process involves no chipping, grinding, or drilling.


Epoxy Mortar Resurfacers

Structural Repair Benefits of the Pressure Epoxy Process

Our epoxy resin is three to five times stronger than concrete, making the repair the strongest part of the structure. Once the cracks are repaired, the structure’s original monolithic integrity is returned, allowing it to perform as it was originally designed to do

Epoxy Mortar Resurfacers


Pressure Epoxy injection seals off the cracks preventing damage caused by moisture infiltration.


Epoxy injection is the only proven method to permanently repair cracks in concrete. Other repair procedures are surface applied “band aids” that temporarily cover up the problem. Pressure Epoxy injection has been successfully used for more than 40 years to repair cracks in concrete.


Proper pressure injection of epoxy involves a high degree of expertise to ensure the epoxy is injected into the crack properly. Panther has specialized in concrete crack repair since 1993, repairing hundreds of structures over the years. Our technicians are factory trained and certified in epoxy injection.  We only use pumps that were specifically designed for epoxy injection, not caulk guns or homemade pumps. Panther is also a member of International Concrete Repair Institute.

Panther has used pressure epoxy injection to repair over 2,000 foundations, pools, tilt-walls, parking garages, and industrial structures including:

Pierce Elevated, Houston, TX

Pressure epoxy injections fixed numerous cracks in columns during reconstruction of the bridge and was injected under bearing pads.

Baytown Tunnel Removal, TX

Waterproofing bulkheads by injecting urethane grout into construction joints.

IAH-Bush Airport, Houston, TX

Injected numerous cracks in a hammer head support column for the tram, achieved full penetration in 5′ thick concrete, and repaired cracks in the new customs building.

Laredo International Airport, TX

Injected more than 1,000 linear feet of cracks in 14″ thick taxiway.

Fort Hood, TX

Injected over 8,000′ of cracks in concrete containment for tank farm.

Richards Building, Houston, TX

Injected over 5,000′ of cracks in warehouse floor.