Panther Concrete Restoration

Panther Concrete Restoration offers Polishing & Dyeing of concrete that will create a dramatic look.

Panther uses the latest equipment and technology for the finest concrete floor polishing available such as Innovatech’s Predator 3200 grinder and Innovotech’s exclusive I-Shine diamonds for polishing. The Predator 3200 is a four-headed planetary diamond grinder designed specifically for concrete polishing. Panther is an approved applicator for the industry-leading FGS Permashine patented concrete polishing and dyeing system as well as an approved applicator for Prosoco and WR Meadows Induroshine polishing systems. The combination of Predator grinders, I-Shine diamonds, FGS Permashine, Prosoco, WR Meadows products, 20+ years of experience, and Panther’s attention to detail are the reason Panther Concrete Restoration, Inc. shines brighter than all others in floor polishing and floor dyeing.

The Concrete Floor Polishing Process

Concrete polishing is the process of grinding concrete using progressively finer diamond grits until the concrete has a high gloss shine. We typically start with a course grit of 40 and grind until the entire original concrete surface has been removed. The diamonds are changed to an increasingly fine grit until all scratches from the previous, coarser, diamond grits are removed. The process is continued until the desired shine is reached, usually at 1500 grit level. Polishing concrete is a process that can be done to new or old concrete. This process has a natural look and the imperfections in the concrete add to the character of the floor. Each floor is a custom, one-of-a-kind product.

Why is concrete polishing so popular?

Polished concrete complements most decors – especially contempoary.

Panther Concrete Restoration, Inc. provides Concrete Coatings for industrial floors, Seamless Epoxy Floor Coating solutions, Polished Concrete, and Structural Repairs for industrial, civil and commercial facilities. Est. 1993

Work can be done at night so your business never has to shut down.

ESD properties will last the lifetime of your floor and are guaranteed to last five years.

We can make your business shine from the front of the house to the back.

ESD flooring for concrete will improve your product quality and reduce warranty costs.