Panther Concrete Restoration

Panther Concrete Restoration, Inc. has provided Houston concrete coatings for industrial floors, seamless epoxy floor coating solutions, polished concrete, and structural repairs for industrial, civil and commercial facilities since 1993.

Panther Concrete Restoration provides a full-range of concrete services in Houston, TX including: concrete coatings, seamless epoxy flooring, epoxy concrete floor coating, coating on concrete, and epoxy floor coating. Panther’s industrial floor solutions ensure a safe, highly productive, aesthetically pleasing, and clean environment for your employees and customers.

Panther is a proven contractor and offers the highest quality work for any size coating on concrete project in Houston, using the best products, highly skilled workers, and environmentally-friendly practices. From start-to-finish you work with Panther employees – no subs or contract labor.

With Panther’s vast resources of people, equipment, and vendors, we can work in short time frames and meet critical deadlines, especially when downtime is critical.

When performing structural concrete repairs, Panther uses time-proven methods to return the structure to its original structural integrity. Panther’s experienced full-time installation staff, company-owned equipment, and fleet of trucks guarantees the same high quality results from project to project. Panther can provide concrete coatings or concrete repair solutions to resolve your concrete needs or problems.

Panther has completed over 2,000 concrete restoration projects since 1993 including: foundations, pools, tilt-walls, parking garages, and industrial structures repaired by pressure epoxy injection.

Call Panther if you need to:

  • Permanently repair cracks in your concrete structure
  • Provide a safe environment for your employees and customers

  • Impress your customers with your facility

  • Install a seamless floor that controls static, holds up to chemical and thermal attack, or is just low maintenance and easy to clean

  • Hire a contractor with high integrity.