Panther Concrete Restoration

Panther’s Seamless Flooring Solutions withstand the rigorous sanitary protocols of the pharmaceutical and medical industry.

Sanitary floors start with a durable seamless surface. It must resist the potential chipping, pitting, and gouging that leads to bacteria harboring crevices. Our cost effective polymer flooring delivers a stain resistant solution that is easy to clean and keeps your pharmaceutical, hospital, research facilities, surgical center, or ambulatory care center concrete floors looking good.


  • Antimicrobial Seamless flooring systems
  • Fast Cure MMA Systems
  • Decorative Seamless Floor Systems
  • Wall coating systems
  • Thermal Impact Resistant Floors 
  • Non-Sparking Floors
  • Integral Cove Base
  • Anti-microbial systems

This floor is a seamless epoxy mortar system with a stipple finsh for a slip resistance finish.

Panther Concrete Restoration, Inc. provides Concrete Coatings for industrial floors, Seamless Epoxy Floor Coating solutions, Polished Concrete, and Structural Repairs for industrial, civil and commercial facilities. Est. 1993

Installing seamless epoxy mortar under the tanks. This mortar can withstand high heat, thermal impacts, and daily cleaning.

ESD properties will last the lifetime of your floor and are guaranteed to last five years.

Seamless Anti-microbial MMA Flake floor at TAMU Vet Hospital.

ESD flooring for concrete will improve your product quality and reduce warranty costs.